“I remember on my arrival, making a promise to myself”

 "Jacqui  arrived in Hong Kong on 3 September 2013. Fresh from African soil. I am from Botswana. The difference was stark: open lands compared to a concrete jungle.  I remember the first day on my arrival, making a promise to myself to one day open my hair salon here. No time limit, no pressure just a silent promise. Hong Kong grows on you. Seems like it’s a general thing with most expatriates, you come for 2 years then you end up staying for 30. Well, we had a 6 months plan and just turned 6 years. I worked in various salons in Sai Kung. I called it my market research and creating a following. The best businesses to start are ones that already exist, copy what they do and do it better by filling a gap in the market. The demand is there and the groundwork has been done! 

...with the twins in 2015 and gave birth in May 2016. One year later I started doing freelance work. I had a very specific clientele. Remembering my early days with the babies, exhausted, sleep-deprived and, looking a mess I created a niche market to do house calls for moms that were breastfeeding and those with small kids. They could get their hair done while being home with the kids. 


With today’s social media platform and word of mouth, the news spread across mom pages. Within 3 months I become so busy that doing house call was too demanding and my back-breaking from inappropriate chairs and bending over bathtubs. I needed a space where clients could come to me. I found a space in a local Chinese salon, we had a 50/50% commission agreement. This salon was very money orientated. I do feel like if you provide a service worth paying for the money will come but first, it needs to be a relationship between the stylist and client.

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“Working but never forgetting my promise. I fell pregnant…”

“Making clients feel safe and taken care of is my policy. I promote self-care for myself and the woman that comes through my doors. This strengthened my desire to open my salon.”

My first salary in July 2017, I made a silent promise again to start saving money so I can prepare to open my salon. It took me one year of hard work and determination, saving every month. As the months passed, I become busier and my salary increased. The more I earned the more I saved. Honestly, where there is a will, there is a way!!

Self-Employed Mummy started out as a simple blog to help me collect my thoughts. Now it has turned into a platform for me to reach out and connect with like-minded women facing similar challenges. Many women have told me it’s a source of comfort and inspiration (not to mention a great place to find unique gifts to buy). I’m so privileged to have found my way to connect with people and help them.

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