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10 of the best chick flicks I have recently watched

It's been about two months of social distancing and honestly I cannot wait for it to be a thing of the past but while we are still here we might as well enjoy and make the most of it.

Now that the salon is open I get home around six pm, than it’s dinner, boys bath time, cartoons than finally they go for bed at 9pm. We tried for earlier but it’s a nightmare and their room gets demolished. It's both Iron Man and Thor’s energies trapped in two tiny bodies.

Once my family go to bed, I sometimes stay up a little longer to enjoy a few hours by myself. Netflix has been keeping me company with some golden oldies, romance and new releases.

There is always someone asking for recommendations on Netflix so here is mine... Please let me know yours so I can check them out too.

1) Self Made

Octivia Spencer is incredible in this movie. Follow the amazing story of Madam C.J. Walker as she takes you on a journey of self-discovery, strength, love and accomplishment to become African American self-made millionaire.

So inspiring, I really felt like I needed to invent something too.

2) Someone Great

The joys and heartaches of love. Jenny Young got dumped by her longtime boyfriend and now has to navigate her way through her feelings of loss, hurt and memories to find herself on the other side again. Heart warming and you will appreciate your friends afterwards as they do stick with you no matter what!

3) Love Wedding Repeat

Great humor, hubby actually watched this one with me. A few different versions of the same wedding as Jack tries to make sure his little sister has a beautiful wedding. Sometimes when we try the least the most happens. We loved it!!

4) Molly’s Game