10 things married couples do or experience.

From chasing and courting her to finally putting a ring on that finger, marriage change once we say I do. Although I am not expert in marriage and relationships we all experience similar issues on this journey.

1) Feeling secure

When we get hitched or committed we tend to feel secure in our relationship. You invest in your future as a couple and I become we. When you know that your partner has your best interest at heart you feel relaxed, safe and gaining a bit of weight along the way too.

2) Finances

Is it going to be a joint bank account or independent? If it is independent how are you individually going support your household together. Finances can be tricky if you don’t talk about it openly.

Before I worked, my allowance from hubby was calculated with the monthly expense but now my family contribution is part my my salon expense.

3) Bedroom

One of you will be overheating and the other freezing. Negotiating room temperature will be your life long marriage struggle.

4) Sex

When the honeymoon period is over and you are no longer jumping each others bones, sex gets less. Add many years of marriage, work, kids, full stomach and bloody phones, making dates to have sex becomes normal. It’s all about connection throughout your days and weeks. Making sure your still touch and kiss.

Advice I got from someone: You would you rather have Mcdonalds every night or five star dining every couple of week? More quality over quantity.

5) Duties

I am a terrible grocery shopper, my mind just don’t see specials hence my bill is always higher so hubby’s duties are making sure we have food to eat and to prepare it. Mine is to generally clean the mess he made in the kitchen.

6) Netflix

Don’t you dare watch an episode without me!!!!


Please can someone tell me why do kids need to wake up so early, especially after a night out drinking?!! Well, one of you will never hear any noise and sleep peacefully through the morning after drama.

8) The 5 Love Languages, which one is you?

8.1) Words of Affirmation

This language uses words to affirm people. You need to say it: “I love you!”

8.2) Words of Confirmation

For these people, action speak louder than words.

8.3) Receiving Gifts

For some people they feel loved when they receive a gift.

8.4) Quality Time

This is all about giving the person you love the attention they need to feel loved and seen.

8.5) Physical Touch

To these people nothing speaks more profoundly than appropriate touch.

9) Sharing food in a restaurant

That is a big NO NO for some couples and you will get the death stare for taking that last olive! I always have food envy but to try an get a bite from his, is like walking into a dragons den.

10 Best Friends

When your marriage is blessed you become best friends. You can be yourself and don't have to pretend. They accept and love you with all your flaws.

All this constant quality time together recently, it is a new challenge for any relationship.

Do you see your self or relationship this any of these point. Let me know.

Thank you guys for reading my little blog.

Keep well and safe.

Love and Gratitude


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