Aphrodite Hair Salon Update

Good Morning.

Aphrodite Salon is now going into the 3rd week of being closed and honestly, I am not sure when we will open given the cases are still high. I had a chat with my husband about my way forward and we have decided it is safer to keep closed as we self-isolate and he works form home. My kids are still so young and this outweighs the risk of me going in.

Many clients asked if I can do house calls, unfortunately, I am not for the same reason that I closed the salon. I do apologize for this inconvenience. As a business owner, I do need your money to keep open and afloat but COVID is in charge of everything just now.

If you have booked in for August we will update you on what's going on before your appointment.

I will keep you posted on the progress of the salon. Thank you so much for your support. It honestly means the world to me.


Coronavirus is our new normal and it feels like it will be around for a while. I have recently written and illustrated a kid's book as a resource to help parents talk to their young children about coronavirus. The book covers the implications and prevention without focusing on doom and gloom.

I am very passionate about this because I have struggled myself to talk to my 4-year-old boys about corona without scaring them. This book teaches kids what is going on in a fun and colorful way and setting.

The book is finished and ready to go to print! I have joined Kickstarter to help with this final stage. With your help and pledge you can help me bring this book to many families that might need it.

Please read through our Kickstarter campaign.

Thank you in advance for your support

Please SHARE, SHARE, SHARE to help me spread the word!

Thank you for the support and words of encourgement!

Love and Gratitute


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