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Aphrodite Salon is closed for a few days

Updated: Jul 14, 2020

I will be honest with you I felt overwhelmed yesterday morning after a restless night, hence I did not open my salon. Last night I slept so much better because I made the decision to keep my salon closed and avoid human contact for the moment.

Aphrodite Hair and Makeup salon will be closed for the next seven days from 14-21 July 2020 and as the government reviews the situation we will follow along with those guidelines. At this moment I am canceling all appointments, sorry for the inconvenience.

I don't think hair salons are on the list of shut down but beauty and massage parlors are. None the less I am not willing to take that risk.

Am... I being irrational?

Am... I overthinking?

Am... the only one feeling like this?

The responsibility is huge when someone is in your care.

My Fo Tan government quarantine days are becoming real with so many families in quarantine at this moment. I do not want to repeat that again. My anxieties are creeping to the surface so as of yesterday my boys were homebound and we are self-isolating and no more social gatherings for the time being.

HK has been one of the safest countries during this crisis but this beautiful city is in a fighting mode now. New local cases every day that I'm not sure I want to read anymore! Hong Kong government updated all the latest restrictions and we are adhering to them, effective immediately.

We are grateful to have two boys and that they entertain can each other. This weekend we had small social gatherings which we loved but the other night I felt nervous that we are smack in the middle of it all once more.

Now with the higher safety alerts self-isolate, wear your mark and keep social distance because when you do come into contact with a COVID-19 positive individual you will get traced. I tell you that track a trace gets to your mind.

How to feel balanced through the 3rd COVID wave?

  • You need to do what feels right to you. Be safe but find your own mojo to keep healthy and smiling.

  • Our perceptions and experiences are all different in this situation.

  • Follow the guidelines.

  • It's good to be informed but don't binge on social media.

  • Don't feel guilty about your decisions on how to cope with the situation now.

  • Self-isolate if you feel like it is getting too much.

  • Those of us with businesses, this is a real challenge. If you can support a business online, please do. We really need all your support.

  • Meditation.

  • Exercise.

  • Don’t judge. Honestly, we are all in it. It's already a pressure situation.

  • Have someone handy to chat to. Yesterday I needed to talk to get clarity for my mind and after talking to a friend we both felt supported and u