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Celebrate with me

My little salon Aphrodite Hair and Makeup will be two years tomorrow. I opened her doors on the 10 September 2018.

I remember the night before I signed my lease, I felt so scared. My heart pounding in my chest! My palms sweating!

What if I fail?

What if I am not capable?

Who do you think you are Jacqui, an African girl opening a business in a foreign country?

“Am I making the right decision?” I asked my husband and bless him, he is my NO. 1 fan, but he said: “It is all on you love. “When you sign that lease. “When you start your business, the buck stop at you.”

Nope, his answer did did not help my nerves so I called my life coach, and she asked: “What do you think Jacqui?”

The two people that I trust with guiding me left me to make that decision on my own.

I needed to be sure within myself.

So I asked myself these questions:

Do I have the courage? YES!!

Am I capable? YES! Am I supported? YES!

Am I ready to that that plunge? YES!

Two years later my shop is a huge success. It has become a community safe house where my clients come to self-care.

It is never the right time. You will never have enough money. You will not be in the perfect place but great moments are made through fear.

Happy Birthday Aphrodite! 🌹

Take your first time.

It might just surprise you!

Love and gratitude