Coping in Isolation ....... My last days in a quarantine centre

Good morning from room 3123 quarantine facility based in Fo Tan. I am now on day 13 of my 14 days of isolation but on day 10 of me actually being quarantine in this facility (DOH counted my days my days for the day of contact, 17 March) my last day is tomorrow the 31 March.

I have had many messages of how do I cope in isolation, it is not easy but I found that attitude plays a massive part in here. Firstly you need to eccept your circumstances. Make peace with it and the rest you will learn what works for you during your stay. Keeping busy and your mind occupied I feel is the second biggest impact to coping in here.

5 Tips for staying productive in quarantine


If you do not have a hobby now would be the perfect time to explore a new one. Something that you really enjoy. When you have it will keep your mind busy for hours without realising it. You will not have must time to pounder on negative thoughts. Generally you have at least one day from the call of the DOH until they collect you to be transported to your destination. Get stuff like a sawing kit, half read books or come and sort out all those thousands of photos you have stored on your phone

I found refuge in blogging and oversharing my emotions and thoughts. This keeps my head clutter free and maintaining my mental health in here.


Wow you do not realise how many years go by since you have spoken to someone. Facebook spoils us because you can keep up to date with their going-ons that we forget to physically get in touch. WhatsUp is great source to keep contact with people. I had a chat with my friends that I met in Tanzania years ago. It was like time never moved. We reminisced, laughed, and caught up with each other.


My friend send me a link to a online language app, but language is not my thing. It is really important that you find something that you will enjoy and continue with after your quarantine is over.

I have just joined a online podcast course yesterday with the lovely Rigina Larko host of #IMPACK PODCAST. This is a 10 module step by step course to get you start your own podcast from scratch. I do feel self-conscious thinking who is going to want listen to me but we all have a story to tell and there will be someone out there that will resonate with you.


Play an online game, many families turn to this entertainment for the whole gang. You can play with your relative in another country and share in the fun. This will uplift your mood and spirit and beat the blues. This time you can laugh and just have fun as a family. What a gift!!


I for one have been living on adrenaline. None stop on the go and producing, without a thought what it was actually doing to my nervous system. Managing my salon, publishing books, be an attentive mother and wife. I did spread myself to thin. I love doing all these things, but I need to implement strategies how to prevent myself burning out. Take this time to reflect on what you can change in your life for the better and more calm.

As we are all in this situation together, I am sure you have created what works best for your family. Please share with me so we can help someone else struggling to cope with their situation. Know that is no right or wrong it is about coping in this corona virus pandemic.

Yours in love and gratitude


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