Day 5 in government quarantine, yesterday I allowed myself to cry all day along

Updated: Mar 26, 2020

Everyone needs a husband like mine. Being a Scotsman they are known for being thrifty but me as an African woman, we know how to get money out of even the stingiest guys. With Graham I never had to try because his generosity exceeds my expectation. He is the your typical guy that works his hands to the bone or his mind into a state to provide and protect for his family.

So no matter what my situation, I need to hear from him first. My voice of reason, my biggest fan and at times pain in my butt. He reads every single one of my posts. So love you are my reason for not feeling overwhelmed in here, just as my days where I spend 2 months in the hospital before the boys arrived. You made sure my head was in the right place.

His words “Pole my love, I know it’s not the best situation but you gotta keep focusing on the positives and also you gotta work in being busy with a schedule 🙏🏻 . You don’t have to be strong all the time love...just be human, if you feel emotional then be emotional x”

My love language is attention and gifts. He plans the best surprises so yesterday he swindled my mind into imagining what he is planning for my 40th birthday surprise. I hate and love surprises and my husband loves my reactions. I am beyond excited! 💃🏻

I felt sorry for myself yesterday, I sat and cried so much. For this one day I allowed myself to drown in my sorrow of not being with my family. Touching my boys and kissing my husband. Loneliness gripped my heart but although I felt this, I am still 100% happy within my body and mind. That is where my blessing is.

Thank Goodness for technology. I am virtually home everyday. 🙏🏽

I do not feel “why me, what did I do to be here” but instead "Thank you Almighty for allowing me to be the inspiration to so many moms reaching out about their anxieties coming here. They feel a sense of relieve and connection that if I can manage it so can they and you can. If you are preparing to come into government quarantine please check out my post

Also to my client, you have supported my business for years. I do not regret you coming into the salon on that day. Please do not blame yourself too. I know you never meant to harm anyone. No one sets out to harm, especially not our children but this situation is tough. Forgive yourself you deserve it. We love you! ❤️

It is not easy being human at times but it is a privilege to be alive and well.

FAN MAIL: Guys thank you all for checking in on me. I appreciate each of your words. These are just a few.

Hi beautiful lady! I’m just checking in to see how you are coping? This test is to show you the inner strength you have and to remind you how much love you have around you! Sometimes it’s life’s way of showing us how special we are.

I have just returned with the boys from Aus and started mandatory quarantine but at least I am at home. I have a fancy new bracelet now!

Anyway sending you love and hoping you’re making the most of your alone time even though your heart will be missing your family so much!

Sweet dreams 😘 x x x

Hi Jacqui, How are you? I’m thinking of you everyday. Stay strong, we’re here for you. Xx

Here is a good quote that you might like:

“Just when you fear that tomorrow never comes, it's already yesterday.“ xx

Today at 4pm I will have a FB live again on Self-Employed Mummy page. Pop over and follow to join self-employedmummy page for a chit chat and see how I am doing. Also, feel free to check out my store for products.

Thank you so much for your love and support.

Love 💕


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