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Day 6 in government quarantine, finding my purpose in isolation .... to inspire you

Good Morning

For those of you that are just joining my blog, I am currently in government isolation in Fo Tan in Hong Kong, where I am happy and content. On the 17th of March 2020 I came in direct contact with an individual that has since tested positive for Covid-19. This is my blog capturing my moments and feelings counting down the days to my release on the 31 March 2020.

At the age of 26 I got diagnosed with chronic high blood pressure. My eyesight disappeared, even with this happening I still took about a week before I went to the Dr. Many times we say "Oh I did not know", our bodies always gives signs but we ignore them.

This Dr‘s appointment changed my life. High blood pressure become my identity. The fear I felt wrapped me warm in it’s grip and has not left me till present. Those dark moments that cling to you like the jeans you are squeezing into or it hugs you like the blouse your are wearing. Ever Present! Alive in your mind! Every footstep. It becomes a friend in need and a companion even when you smile.

The aim is to find a solution to control it. There are always ways that you can practice to relieve your anxiety. Just as you are coming to the hairdresser get your roots done, our minds needs a professional at times too. Don’t judge yourself for that. Embrace that you are strong enough to acknowledge that.

Kate Baldwin from The Balanced Session has been constant at keeping my mind in check while in isolation. Sending me videos to practice. I am grateful as a community we came back to basics where we give without the expectation to receive.

Soon I will compile a list of professionals for us that you can call for advice. All meetings are now online. So you can get help in your house or quarantine centre to cope mentally with your situation.

The other day I thought I needed to go to hospital to get checked and I drove myself in a frenzy, not even for the prospect of being tested for Covid-19 but for taking my blood pressure ..... talk about getting your situations mixed up ..... Seriously!! That made me chuckle!! LOL

There has been no need for check-ups as all my symptoms are still normal and my temperature this morning was 36.8. I think God is trying to keep in check on my purpose here. Not to be afraid of why I am here.

My heart go to those of you that came into contact with me, feeling like you are walking on eggshells. It is a hard one, what do I say, as I am also in the waiting game. Keep mindful of yourselves and keep safe.

10 Things about Self-Employed Mummy you did no know.

1) Biggest fear - measuring my high blood pressure and feelings of NO connections.

2) Surprise achievement - Being an inspiration to others.

3) Hidden Qualities - An Author and also I identify my goals to always make them a reality no matter the obstacle.

4) Not so good personal trait - A bit selfish ... blame it on the Aries stars

5) Best Quality - I connect from my heart and I write with passion.

6) Secret wish now - To hug my kids .