Dealing with separation from kids, work and keeping up with online homework. Implications of #CORONA

As parents we vow to protect and be there for our children. This pandemic took that ability out of our hands, as so many of us had to be and still are being separated from our children and work. My heart sinks every time someone ask me what they need to pack for their stay in a government quarantine, knowing they are sometimes leaving very young kids behind. That feeling makes you feel powerless.

So much uncertainty and fear really do enhance that out of control emotion. In Hong Kong we are very blessed to have helpers. My kids are so close to our Aunty that she has become a second mom. When I had to go into quarantine, I felt reassured that she and my husband will take care of the kids for me. Three year olds don't understand what is happening even though we tried to inform them. The solution, we told them Momma is going on holiday and I am going to the airport.

We video called everyday but nothing compares to physically being present. A few times the kids refused to talk to me. They were angry because I was not around. Heartbreaking stuff, BUT I had to be strong to make sure I do not break down in the quarantine. I had hand and foot prints from my kids, when I touch them I felt connected. I do suggest you take framed photo along.

I got released from Fo Tan quarantine on the 31 March 2020. At home now, I am dealing with overactive kids with too much energy. No school is a massive disruption. Having the social interaction with their friends and teachers honestly is food for the soul. That routine of getting up in the morning, shower, breakfast and get on the bus to school really kept us all same. They loved school and their daily activities. Those few hours of peace were welcomed.

We do our best to entertain young twin boys. OMG!!! 24 hours, non-stop. They are frustrated, violent and fight a lot. Being two boys they encourage each other to be mischievous and test our patience till the last drop. We have a schedule for online homework. Usually, we sit down with one a time as it is more manageable. We are at Sun Island Kindergarten. They have an app that we follow to complete tasks and than we need confirm that we did the work by entering each of their passwords and than press the acknowledge button. Are we keeping up?? Well, between tantrums, tears and screaming, we are surviving!


1. Make Activities and Schoolwork a Fun and Interactive

If it is boring it is so much harder to get them to concentrate and we all end up in frustration.

2. Allow Them to be Bored and Use Their Imaginations

A lot of TV at the moment so to ensure we give breaks, we switch off all devices and let them

run around the house and pretend they are firemen.

3. We Made a Makeshift Beach on the Balcony

4. Sometimes, we improvise and get a car wash going or whatever we have available in the house and use to keep them occupied.

My salon is now closed until further notice, this is a burden that hangs heavy on my shoulders. With zero income and a massive rent to pay, I am bracing myself for the unknown, as my landlord is unwilling to help me. As a small business, we work to pay expenses. This is really an extremely difficult situation. Seeing so many businesses closing is scary and it does make me think "what now?"

Not working as a hairdresser at the moment, and I am working on my blog. This gives me a sense of purpose during these trying times.

How are you coping out there at your house? Please let me know, you might just have the trick to help many of us in the same situation.

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Yours in Love and Gratitude


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