DIY poem creating social

Hope you had a wonderful weekend and here's to a great week ahead. Aphrodite recently moved to a new premises, gosh I tell you that was intense. I had a really short turn around from moving to opening up again. I am happy to announce we are now set up and open for business as usual.

I have been so much in my head during this time, mumpreneur mode and not really being present. I need to unwind and give myself the much needed time to reconnect internally and get rid of stress. To relax I quiet often write poems.

There is something really calming about writing and checking in how you feel so I thought I would like to share this event with you if your are keen to join. Woman circles are an amazing way to connect and distress without feeling judged.

Join the event for a great relaxed night out where you can spend time taking care of your self.

Write your own poem and wine night

Buy my poetry book here:

I recently went to got myself hypnotized to reduce my salt intake. With chronic high blood pressure salt is my no1 enemy but I am addicted to it. I crave savory or processed foods all the time. So I went to work on my subconscious to try and sort this issue and rewire preset believes.

I will let you know next week Monday if it's working, how I feel and what you should prepare for if you would like to get hypnotized.

In love and Gratitude


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