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How does EFT Tapping to help with anxiety?

We are in a new phase, the long-standing effects of Corona are catching up. This past week has been extremely tough, Cathay Pacific Airlines laid off thousands of its employees and closed their sister company Dragon Air.

The consequences of this will be tough and far reachso many small businesses that depended on support from these customers will struggle even more, as many of the families will now have to leave Hong Kong. Just like that life changed yet again, throwing fear and uncertainty in our way.

Graham has been working at Cathay for a year now, and we were concerned. Last in, first out but we were lucky enough that he managed to stay on since he is part of the core team in the health, safety, and quality management department. He definitely to felt the pain of colleagues in his department leaving.

How will so many families directly impacted by this manage their fear and anxieties?

Many times our circumstances are different but we all feel these emotions in the same way.

April 2019 when I first started on my self-help healing journey I came across tapping. Oh my gosh, back then, I was so scared and overwhelmed about my life, living with my chronic high blood pressure.

My mind was consumed by death, by stroke or heart attack. Doctors do call high blood pressure the silent killer. As sometimes there are no symptoms.

The first time I tried tapping was with Tara a one on one coach, she put my mind to ease with her calm demeanor. We discussed issues to be addressed.

Someone recommended tapping to me which is:

Emotional Freedom Techniques is a form of counseling intervention that draws on various theories of alternative medicine including acupuncture, neuro-linguistic programming, energy medicine.

This was the stepping stone to my healing. The deep-rooted pain, resentment, anger, anxieties, fear, and forgiveness that sat so heavy on my chest was starting to feel less.

My first session was intense. I was crying so much it was unreal, I could not continue with the tapping myself, so Tara continued. The lightness, I felt was so wonderful. By the third session, my life started to transform from being a victim to someone who started to take control of her life again.

In March 2020, while in government quarantine, I practiced tapping to help me with my fears and anxieties in my room. It is such an easy self-help method and the benefits are amazing. Kate Baldwin was a great support to encourage me through those days.

While EFT has clearly been shown to reduce anxiety, researchers are torn on how that happens. Some say that tapping releases blocked energy, trapped in our body due to trauma. Some say it's a placebo effect; others say that tapping on the body in any way can be therapeutic.

Each of us will have a different experience with tapping. So open your mind and heart to surrender.

How Tapping Works

Tapping therapies generally focus on the same points used in acupuncture and acupressure. According to practitioners, each of these points lies in meridians through which the body's energy flows. While negative emotions are thought to cause blockages in the flow of energy, tapping on these points is said to clear up such blockages and release negative feelings.