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How to cope with anxiety when society is breaking down

Happy Easter Monday. We had a relaxed weekend tucked away at home. My kids had a very small and cozy easter egg hunt yesterday with a few neighbors kids. It was great for 10 minutes to hear their squeals of laughter and fun, then we all went to hid in our houses again.

As we all know our situation is still intense and it has brought on a lot of anxieties, fear, depression, and feeling of overwhelm. We are turning to life coaches, councilors, energy healers, prayers, to help us cope. What I love about a good mental health professional is that they really do want you to live your best and most fulfilled life regardless of the situation you are facing.

Today I have taken an initiative to bring a few of them to you. They are all available online and you can contact them from the comfort of your home.

1) Dr. Katie T. Larson

She is a Growth Coach who specializes in helping men and women find the kind of holistic personal Growth that brings more meaning, purpose, and joy to their lives.

She guides courageous seekers on holistic Quests --inner journeys-- that offer deeper perspectives on who we are, why we're here, and how we're meant to joyously share our gifts.

The unique expertise she has as a result of her own life experiences is supporting people who are experiencing "weird", but life-changing phenomena like psychic abilities, past-life memories, psychedelic experiences, or spiritual awakenings. Finding meaning in these experiences often leads to a more empowering, purposeful, and whole life.

Katie host the most amazing, intimate and safe woman circles, I loved being part of them. When they resume we will keep you updated.

You can find her at Growth Quests

2) Thelma Patmorre

She is a life, business and mindset coach. Fingerprint analysis for life purpose strategy. Thelma has been my life coach for 2 years. I had my fingerprint analysis done with her to reaffirm what my life purpose was and I am on my path of happiness. She as been immense support throughout both my book publications, salon opening and guidance through my stay at the Fo Tan government quarantine.

Find Thelma at The_Elmz_Consultancy

3) Shahana Hoque-Ali

She is an energy coach and holistic health practitioner. She specialise in getting to the root causes of health and wellbeing blockages. Enabling people to make lasting changes for a healthier mind and body.

Shan has such amazing energy, calming and reassuring. Her sessions are indeed a tool to free yourself from past traumas and blockages. I loved my session and felt such lightness going forward.

Find Shan at Origin Health Wellbeing

4) Christy Demetrio

Sound therapist, meditation coach, and energy healer. Using the vibrations and sounds from a variety of musical instruments. She assists with clearing mental and energetic blockages, balancing chi, and opening up the flow of meridians. I felt so relaxed and transported into a world of sound. Christy used a few bowls with me working on my anxieties. Afterward, I felt a sense of clarity and calm.

Find Christy at Soundscape Hong Kong. Mention Self Employed Mummy to receive PROMO price for April

5) Dr. Jiwoon Elizabeth Min

She a naturopathic doctor serving TKO, Clearwater Bay, and Sai Kung Community. She helps people with anxiety by addressing gut-brain-mood connection, creating strategies to support the body and mind during stress