I tested negative, being virus free now I have fears about stepping out in the real world

Good morning. It is a beautiful day break. I can hear the birds chirping outside and I woke up happy yet concerned.

I been waiting for this day for a long time to be released from government quarantine. I should be extremely joyous but I am feeling guilty. Guilty to mix with other humans and having to stress whether I got this bloody virus again or not.

I even feel a tad too bit sad that I will be leaving my room #3123 behind forever never to meet her again. My little sanctuary where I felt save, protected and where I discovered my gift to inspire you.

I spoke to my husband last night, and I know he understood how my nerve are frail at the seams. I was so overwhelmed coming in here now I’m am at least only concerned about going out. We have been through this before where I spend two months in the Prince of Wales hospital during my pregnancy and on my release I cried so much as if I have lost a loved one. He allowed me that space and support to get back to a safe place within my own mind again. I know my own thoughts became institutionalised, when you are confined in a space, you need to if you intend to survive something that that has been forced upon you, whether for your own safety or not. I am having a déjà vu moment.

I am really happy to go home and see my beautiful family, I just need to prepare my mind not to look at them as creepy crawlies trying to hug me!! 😂 Honestly the struggle is real! Is there anyone else feeling like this? Hopefully I’m not the only nutter here! 🙏🏽

As I am even write this I’m cringing about being judge for feeling like this. What has our world come too.

Saliva sample to test for Covid-19 here are the instructions

Yesterday I got my release notice which is the news you want to get after you do a test.

I had a brief visit from the Universe this morning, to tell me I'm a ok and I will be ok moving forward.

As from tomorrow I will be writing from home, I will reduce my publications so I can spend time with my crazy bunch and also give you something to look forward. Next post will be next week Monday.

Wish me luck for phase two!!

Please support me and my little business during this trying by purchasing one of my published books, subcribe and receive 10% off all purchases. Aphrodite Hair and Makeup will remain closed for a few more weeks. Unfortunately my landlord is unwilling to help me in my struggle. As a hairdresser I always have direct contact with my clients and the risks are high. My aim to remain closed it to protect my young family and others and also I really do not want to come back into a quarantine again.

Yours in Love and Gratitude


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