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It's OK to feel nervous when you have to get back to work again after exposure to covid-19

It has been three days since I opened Aphrodite Hair Salon. In my mind, I planned to open on the 1st of May, but with coaxing from my husband I decided I need to get back on the horse before I become a germaphobic and potentially losing my shop from closure.

My stay in the quarantine camp made me realize how lucky I was not to test positive, especially as a chronic high blood pressure individual, I am starting at a weaker slate.

I am trying really hard for my head not to run away with me and have put lots of precaution measures in place but I know I need to be kind to myself and pace how I will get to a place where I can feel completely safe in my head at work. Sorry for those who I canceled and for those I might cancel in the future. As my husband said, it’s a decision only I can make if I am not comfortable yet. Thank you for your understanding. I really do not want to go back into quarantine, regardless of how minimal my chances look.

We are heading into a good place with infection numbers going down, this does not mean we can relax yet. We all know what happened with the second wave spike from international travels it can rise again so easily!!!! Touch Wood!!

Many have been self-quarantining to do our part and to keep ourselves and others safe but there is an eerie difference when you have been told to do so because of direct contact with an Covid-19 positive individual. It could be that feeling of "what if" I tested positive and the anxieties that comes with it. At times it is hard not to entertain these thoughts, honestly, do they mess with your head. Before Corona I have never thought or visualize viruses or gems the way I do now, sometimes, I cannot wait to squirt sanitizer on my hands to eliminate any trace of my imagined pathogens. The satisfaction that comes from that is pleasant, weird and scary.

I understand that people are nervous to come to the salon, I guarantee you that both I and my assistant, who also spend time at Fo Tan are nervous too for you coming in, but we are prepared to assist you as professionally as we can.

Protection Measures:

1) I will check before your appointment if you have traveled or come in contact with someone who traveled in the last 14 days. If your spouse traveled and even if by the government you are not required to self-quarantine please only come to the salon once you have completed your self-isolation time.

2) Main Entrance will be closed and we will buzz you in

3) One client per visit and one child per adult

4) Mandatory temperature check upon entry

5) Please use sanitizer prior to entry to the building

6) Clean hands again when entering the salon

7) A minimum of 10 mins breaks between clients to disinfect and wipe-down seats etc between visits. Clients might be asked to wait a bit to complete this task.

8) ALL clients must wear masks during appointments

9) Staff to wash hand between clients

10) Staff wear masks and gloves at all times

In the current unique circumstances, we all find ourselves in, we need to ensure that the health and safety of both staff and clients are paramount and we hope that our clients will be understanding of these temporary, minor inconveniences during these challenging times.

Our online booking system has now been reopened or you can call on 6340 5510 for inquiries. As we have lost months of revenue and had no rent-relieve from the landlord we really hope for your continued support and custom to ensure we can keep the doors open and keep serving Sai Kung Community.

Yours in Love and Gratitude