Mummy, you inspire us: Raelene Clark

Did you know that thousands of successful mummy businesses start in her kitchen, a hobby, or just a passion? Quite often because there is a gap in the market or simply because the product she wants is nowhere available. The most creative businesses start from a small idea then grows in your mind until you take the first steps to start your own business.

Self-employment gives you that gratification that you build something from nothing. That fear of failure is ever-present but it is also your ultimate motivator. You appreciate your clients, their support, and the tribe of people you surround yourself with to inspire and uplift you.

As a hairdresser, I hear so often mums yearn to get back into the workforce but sometimes their confidence and self-worth took a knock. She is often scared to get out there and start over again, so after long contemplations, she takes a chance on herself by investing in her own business.

Self-Employed Mummy just added a new category to our blog, to feature inspirational mummies.

Our first lady of the moment is Raelene Clark.

She is boss-lady to a new start-up Indica Girl, charcoal bamboo leggies to inspire a generation. As a mother of 3 young girls, she felt inspired to create a clothing brand that encourages confidence, bravery, and sisterly love so that young girls around the world are better equipped to take on the inevitable self-esteem challenges that will come with growing up. Wow, that is just so inspirational!!

Raelene and hubby Nathaniel have been Sai Kung residents for 18 months. They enjoy their parental bliss around town with their 3 adorable girls, Nylah (4), Quinn (2) and Liya (6 months).

Raelene took a bold move to start her project on Kickstarter to raise funds for it. It takes trust, belief, motivation, determination to follow your dreams regardless of the self-doubt to often creep in. This young lady made it all look so effortlessly.

I love this project and the story behind it. Indica Girl Kickstarter pledged a goal of UD$15,000 which US$13,083 has been raised already!!! INCREDIBLE!!

Read Indica's story here and if it resonates with you, support this amazing mummy and be part of her journey to spread confidence, bravery, and sisterly love in your home and around the world.

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Yours in Love and Gratitude


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