My fear of the unknown, #coronavirus: Day 1 in quarantine

Firstly I want to thank you form the bottom of my heart for your tremendous support over the last few days. It has has been very scary! When we do not know what to expect our fear sets in, that feeling of not being in control.

That was where I found myself, even if you try not to overthink, the mind is so powerful and dangerous.

On the 19th March 2020, the Department of Health called me to inform me that I came into direct contact with an individual that got tested positive for Covid-19. My mind stood still for a moment, perplexed than it went crazy on me.

I am where I did not want to be. On the call list of those that are infected. And we do treat them as “those” thinking that we are immune to this virus. It is not a stigma! It can happen to me and it can definitely affect you.

My wait to be picked up and transported to the quarantine camp was excruciating. I had to actively keep my mind in check.

I am in quarantine as a precaution since I had direct contact with the individual. I have no symptoms and have not tested yet. I am not sure the procedure for this. I am mindful about it but not stressed about it.

While I am sitting here now my in my room, on a very bony bed I feel at peace. It was hard at home looking at my kids and husband through a window not being able to touch them. It was like watching a movie. You are connected but also so disconnected. Now being removed I feel I can cope better.

The general news has been so overwhelming and it did trigger anxieties in a lot of us. We see the all these deaths, the pain and suffering. It is unbearable, I do understand as I do not want to become a statistic.

Now with the Corona at the centre stage where she is, we are taking note that actually we were never in control of this earth and planet. We are being forced to re-evaluate our lives. To stop focusing on achieving that prosperous life at the expense of real connection with humans. That was just the normal but nothing will be the same again. Humans are rising to be kind, respectful and it is amazing to see the impact at has on this world.

My tips to keep your mind at ease

1) It is ok to freak out, allow yourself that space where you can identify your fears than work to control them.

2) I know that not easy when you have anxieties but we can attract positive attitude just as much as we can attract negative feelings. Stay positive.

3) Meditate. Last night when I arrived at the quarantine camp, my heart pounding, I listened to my meditation, then I fell asleep to a rain sound sleep cast.

4) Accept the situation, I woke up feeling less intimidated this morning. It is what it is, I will embrace my time here and reconnect internally.

5) Do not be feel guilty. If you have Covid-19 or like me came in contact with someone that does. Do not hide it under the carpet. It is a fight together. To support and to love. Be kind to someone that is going through this, social distance without pointing the finger. Some people are negligent but others come across it by no fault of their own.

I have had numerous texts from people that came in contact with me, feeling like they now are exposed and not sure what they need to do. I do not have all the answers but if you are unsure of your situation please the Department of Health +852 2125 2455

My room is comfortable with the basic, bright and calm.

14 days in here, here is to Day 1.

Keep healthy

Love 💕


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