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My son, I see you!

COVID-19 has bestowed time for us. Time to spend together with family as we social distance amid the chaos of increased cases at the moment. My shop has been closed for seven days and honestly I had thoroughly enjoyed my first few days at home. Making crafts, vlogs and really just being present with my kids. I thought to myself this great. Seven days in and the pressure of doing “nothing” is getting to me. As a business owner, the full-time responsibility to succeed professionally and being a mum is my motivation. I love the craziness of being a mumpreneur. It makes me a better mother. Now being a full-time mum this week, I am missing the other side of work that contributes to making my life purposeful.

We all have our identities and that purpose. Mine is to create. I love doing that in Aphrodite Salon. Without my routine of getting out of my house, I am at a loss. Is this the reason why many people still work after they are meant to retire?

Covid-19 brought us reflection. What is important? Both my family and my work brings me that balance. My survival kit, that when I am at work I’m committed there and when I am at home my heart overflows here.

As I am getting used to doing “nothing” I see my boys. My frustrations from before reducing. When they snuggle in for a hug, I did not realize, to really get that feeling of love-overwhelm you need to work on that relationship. Trust!

My son, I see you. Sparkles in your eyes when you look at me. Sometimes when I question myself whether I am a good mother, you only see my perfect.

Braedan and Lachlan

Corona gave me a gift, that I did not think I needed. “Doing nothing”. When you walk down the stairs after a nap, you walk straight into my arms. My heart fills with gooey joy. I am hearing how well you speak. How you say the funniest things and just how much bread and honey you can eat.

Braedan said to me the other day as strolled on a family walk “Momma, please can you hold my hand and don't let me go, OK!” These words printed on my heart forever because everytime I hold their hands, I remember them.

My struggle will come one day when your wife walks down the aisle and I would need to let you go!

In between the tears and fear Corona brought into the world, she is also repairing many broken things. Healing forgotten relationships and time to just do nothing.

Stay safe.

Love and Gratitude