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Sai Kung Flatlined

Good Morning Friend

How are you? How are you coping? Are you barely surviving Or have you managed to get settled into a routine that workes for you?

I took a moment away from writing to get settled after my release but I have missed you all.

We are still at the peak of what Corona virus has to offer us. Isolation, quietness, fear. We have been brought to our knees. Holding on to what was but honestly cannot be anymore! Everything has changed. We have changed. The world has changed but my little comfort zone in Sai Kung has lost its spark and that is where she flatlined. The life and soul that makes this village what it is struggling.

Yesterday I felt like Will Smith going out of his house in the movie “I Am Legend” my first outing since I got released from my government quarantine room on the 31st March. I am cautious. Everyone that was out walking on the Pier looked tired. We all just popped out to get a breather. This breath of air felt forced.

All the parks are closed of. The squealing and laughter of children was non excitant. The heart of Sai Kung as we know her is dimmed. Families gathered in small groups shouting at our kids, “Do not touch that”, “Don’t go too close to that lady”.

My boys are only three years old and they do not understand why they cannot run around with a little friend that just waved at them. My heart broke because Sai Kung is our heaven for security, togetherness, friendly smiles and where our children can be children.

We are all trying. I know we are trying to keep things as normal as possible. Restaurants are open but need to adhere to all the restrictions to ensure they keep themselves, staff and customers safe. We are all trying to make it work. To keep that sense of spark that Sai Kung has always offered us. Her beauty overlooking the Pier. Those vendors trying to sell tickets us to one of our gorgeous beaches.

To keep safe for the moment we will just remember what it feels like to be truly free again. To stand in a crowd and to not be afraid that you stood longer that 15 minutes next to a stranger.

There is still that feeling of togetherness while we are all apart. We are united in our struggle to overcome. We are bound by the people we know that are putting their lives at risk for our safety. It is so beautiful to see how in our darkest hour we as humanity can still pray and give to those that do not have the strength to carry on. Lean on me when you are not strong!

We will get Sai Kung back. When Corona is flatlined, Sai Kung will rise! She will regain her identity. When we walk in nature we are reminded of the beauty that surrounds us. Her smile will return but for the time being it’s our responsibility to keep her and those of us that call this beautiful village a home safe.

My little family outing