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Share Kindness and Love ❤️

The rice from my dinner last night. ❤️ I know many think of me, love me, and I have been extremely supported. So the Universe and Hong Kong Catering Company send me a reminder.

I can only account for my own experience in here and I promised myself I will not make it a miserable one.

My story and legacy I leave behind in this room #3123 will be forever remembered by everyone that read my words. You are connected to me through feelings stirred up when you put yourselves in my shoes. I am " An Ordinary Mum with an Extraordinary View” and you can relate.

It has been a journey in here but I felt a much needed one. I have been so busy maybe at the expense of my family. Time I invested in making my business a success was time away from them. I am lucky that they have supported my dreams and allowed me to fulfil them! The African girl that made an Asian country a home.

I have reflected on many things and it will be great to implement the changes once I am FREE.

Tomorrow is my 40th birthday. My family will be here and I will feel surrounded by love. The Drama Queen I am brought along a sparkly dress and high heel shoes to celebrate the amazing person that I am.

Decor going up

Love 💕