Taking a leap of faith

Good Morning Beautiful

My birthday month is here and I am beyond excited to celebrate my special day on the 28th March 2021. The big 40+1. Do you sometimes wonder on or before your birthdays, what exciting challenges you will embark on during that year? I do definitely.

So many opportunities lie ahead. My challenge is to think before I jump into them, I have a serial new project problem.

Aphrodite Salon has seen ups and downs this past year during Covid but I am super proud that we are still in the game. With business a bit lower than before and more time on my hands, I am committed to learning a new skill.

I have enrolled into an online Life-Coaching Training. As a hairdresser, we are unofficially life-coaching when clients talk to us about what worries them. Learning to gain structured skills I will be able to better assists “You” when we chat about your concerns and the salon is the perfect platform.

I think it’s always been one of my hidden passions to become a life—coach. I, myself have had life coaches helping with my business, life goals, and finding my purpose, or health anxieties and I have benefited hugely from their guidance.

We all need a coach at times to help us get unstuck in our lives ways. I am excited to join this community of change-makers.

The last time I studied was 15 years ago for my hairdressing certificate, soon I will be a new graduate for the fundamental course to become a life coach too.

2021 it’s only the start for a lot of new beginnings!

Have you taken a leap faith to yet into your dreams?

Keep learning and step into your greatness

Love 💝


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