The perfect client

Hi beautiful, how are you?

This past few days I have been feeling overwhelmed but, I know that I am too much in my head. I am stressing about going to the hospital on Monday. I keep reminding myself to stay in the present moment but at times this does take some mind work.

Why do we stress about something that hasn't happened yet?

You see, Monday is the day the Dr will change my blood pressure medication to be suitable for baby. Hold yourself!!! I'm not pregnant yet but once the meds have been adjusted we will do IVF again.

I am beyond excited but I am overthinking my anxieties towards taking my blood pressure at the hospital. That white coat syndrome! Yup that’s me!!! This makes my blood pressure readings very high. Than this makes the nurses freak out!

As I'm studying to become a life coach, I realise that I am my prefect client.

That client is so ready to move forward but she is stuck in 2006. The day she learned about her high blood pressure and discovering that there is a feeling called anxiety.

Stuck in time. Frozen in a moment

Unable to make a shift and move on.

So I replay that fear and feeling over and over.

As I'm in this game now, I am asking myself the deep questions that my subconscious knows the answers to, but not to worry I will uncover them as I embrace the life coaching journey.

For me to eventually help you get “unstuck” I am going through the deep waters myself. To organically understand the steps and methods needed to make a breakthrough.

I am so excited for this unfolding.

Love 💕


I am telling you

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