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Two apps that improved my sleep 100%

Updated: Jun 15, 2020

It's there anyone else struggling with sleep?

Honestly, I feel like I am the only person dealing with sleepless nights. My body always survived on adrenaline and I know my mind takes hours to switch off at night. That and waking up in the middle of the night to go wee. Coming back to bed after the toilet, falling asleep again is a problem.

I felt tired and sluggish in the morning for about thirty minutes before my body would come around. Maybe I slept well at night but my mind did not believe that.

Recently I started to use two apps that are change my sleep dramatically. With this, I usually fall asleep after 5-30 mins listening to Synctuition

This meditation increases your intuition, awareness, relaxation and my sleep is so much improved and my days are clear and focussed. I totally love it!!

While asleep, the sleep cycle app tracks my sleep patterns. From the time when I get to bed, when I actually fall asleep, how long I have been asleep and the graphics let me see how deep my sleep was.

My mindset changed since I actively started to monitor my sleep and allowing my mind to relax before I fall asleep!

As a busy mumpreneur I really need to be well-rested, alert, and happy. I have found my solution to better sleep health.

Try these for free and let me know how you got on!

Yours in Love and Gratitude