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What interesting stuff do you do at home to keep happy and occupied.

Honestly, I can't remember but I know it's been a very long time of social distancing and keeping ourself at home. In Hong Kong, we are so lucky that we don't have complete lockdown and still have somewhat freedom to roam around. I know many have been taking self-quarantine seriously and live around work, home life schedules.

Now that we have all this free time cooped up inside, what are you doing to keep sane and happy? Hong Kong recently ran out of flour so I guess a lot of baking has been going on. I love the smell of freshly baked scones but unfortunately the kitchen is not my strong point. I burned our chicken curry dinner to crisp the other night!

With almost-four-year-old twin boys, our lives are hectic. It is non-stop energy, noise, frustration, and them fighting. No matter what we tried their energy just never ran out and nighttime is such a drama. So we got them a swimming pool for the rooftop. Thank goodness for this, it is saving my marriage, sanity, and keeping my boys entertained.

Recently I have do not dare to get into the pool as they are using it as a toilet, but that is a minor issue to the fact that by 8 pm at night they now ask to go to bed.

Graham frequently disappears to the rooftop shed where he hides away from us for online music gigs with his band mates. We need these times away to find personal space in a situation where there is not much privacy. We make sure if one takes time out the other is around to mind the kids.

I keep myself busy creating vlogs for SEM blog. These times I leave my reality into my dream would where I have a few minutes of alone time. Blogging is my escape from the salon too.

Did you become a baker, celebrity chef or an arts and crafts expert? Whatever it is, I would love go see.

Let's have a competition

Reply this post with a photo or a video of what you get up too at home and win a Cut and Blow dry worth $480 at Aphrodite Hair and Makeup salon

Rules you need you reply using the comment section on this blog to stand a chance to enter.

Keep safe and healthy.

Yours in Love and Gratitude