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You got the call from Dept of Health, what now?

Good Morning from room 3123 ..... I feel like Nelson Mandela when he did time .... I will always remember this #!!!

This was my reaction dealing with my news.

Preparing your next step. You will feel really overwhelmed, your mind racing, you are thinking of your family, your kids and your heart skip a beat. Than you think about everyone else you might have come in contact with. All along forgetting to self-care! Breath!!!

Yes, you are thinking OMG, I am going to die? You are probably also thinking of all those Brussel Sprouts that you left on your plate all these years, because they could have strengthened your lungs now......anyway let’s focus we don’t have the time to go into the scientific details on that!! LOL

Coming into quarantine what do I need to prepare for:

1) Stay calm

2) Get someone on your side that’s rational and level headed. You cannot have another person going crazy with you.

3) Isolate, immediately.

4)If you need to break a few plates, go ahead, it will give you some control. Just be mindful you will need to clean up your own mess.

5) Pack your essentials, clothes, toiletries, masks, hand sanitiser, snacks, I brought my husbands jacket and his deodorant (he must be smelling like a farm worker now)! Sorry Love ❤️

6) Meditate, pray, be mindful ..... it’s ok to be scared. Do not judge yourself.

7) If you need to bring your family, I don’t have experience in this but Momma your are doing a great job preparing for everything. Do not overthink, just accept what is, that is half of your battles sorted.

8) Bring your happiness along, bring your fear along and bring your God along, and your friends in your mind. We cannot do this alone.

What is provided in a quarantine centre:

1) Great internet connection. So rest assured you can continue with your Netflix binging.

2) Care package: bowl, spoon, fork, cup noodles, toiletries bag, big bottle of shampoo, shower gel, pillow and duvet, heater, hot water dispenser, fan, closet to hang your clothes and slippers.

3) Three meals a day. Your menu is provided at check-in and you need to select your food for the whole week .... me and mushrooms don’t get on well so I had a challenge to select.

They knock on your door and leave your food on a chair outside.

4) Staff is very friendly and dedicated. You will feel safe and in good hands.

5) Under no circumstances are you allowed out, not even in the corridors.

6) No balcony but you can open the windows. Rooms are bright and airy.

7) If needed, you can have supplies delivered at the gate and they will arrange delivery to your room.

8) I am not sure if they test here, there is a contact you can call if you need to report your symptoms. If you do need extra care, they will send you to hospital where you will get tested.