"Jacquiline Hamilton you are loved. Thank you for making our fears at ease. I read your words everyday and they really help my worries go down a bit. Its hard to imagine leaving your kids at home while you quarantine. But you do it quite well. There is hope at least.🤞🙌  Thank you for updating us." ❤



So fun watching you open all your gifts...you are loved indeed 💗


My heart goes out to you, Jacqui. Such a great video and blog - this will be so helpful and reassuring to anyone else who finds themselves in the same position. You’re handling this so beautifully - a real power for good. Stay strong, keep that jacket close and thank goodness for WiFi xxx



You are such an amazing woman. God put u there on purpose and thanks for sharing and great tips. Stand firm and you are in His good hands 💕


Jacquiline Hamilton...you’ve got the inner calm of the shade beneath the Tanzanian tree; the soul of Africa; the spirit of HIIT; and the bravery of a mama!  You can do this! 


Jacquiline Hamilton - you’re so brave to admit your fears. I love how your husband says you don’t need to be strong just be human .... simple but extremely powerful words.. you are a very lucky lady and him a luckier gentleman Xx



Keep your chin up girl. I am so very proud of the way you are handling this challenging time. You are inspiring so many people. We are rooting for you❤️💞🌹🙌🏾😘

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